Hit and Run during ZombieWalk at Comic Con

A deaf driver is responsible for injuring several people and hospitalizing one with serious but non-life-threatening injuries at the ZombieWalk in San Diego, CA during the annual Comic Con event. According to police t...

Dumpster diving for marijuana

Did you know that you could make $2,500 a month diving in a dumpster for marijuana clippings? Vocativ takes us inside the lives of a few Colorado men that earn a living from dumpster diving for marijuana.

Unaired Original “Big Bang Theory” Pilot!

CBS passed on this version, but gave show runner Chuck Lorre a chance to come up with something else. In this unaired pilot from 2006 we see Leonard and Sheldon making a donation at a sperm bank.

KUTV reporter passes out on air, finishes segment

Reporter Brooke Graham of KUTV in Salt Lake City, Utah passes out while doing a segment on cross country skiing. How the producers didn't cut away surprised me. She must not be liked be very much.

Funny Cat Jump Fail

Not sure which is funnier, the fact that cat fails to make the leap or that the owner stands by and records it all happening.