Bully Gets Beat Up By Passerby

After watching a girl bully another girl on the train, a much larger girl steps in to exact some street justice of her own.

Skittles Sex Commercial

Earlier in the week I posted the Banned Australian condom commercial, but when I saw this video from Skittles I almost lost my lunch laughing so hard. No pun intended. Check out Banned Skittles Commercials page for...

Unaired Original “Big Bang Theory” Pilot!

CBS passed on this version, but gave show runner Chuck Lorre a chance to come up with something else. In this unaired pilot from 2006 we see Leonard and Sheldon making a donation at a sperm bank.

What’s It Like to Ride a Motorcycle Across North Korea?

New Zealanders Joanne and Gareth Morgan have ridden their motorcycles across all seven continents, and this past August, after finally getting permission from both the North and South Korean govts, they were able to r...

Banned New Zealand Commercial

Product solves man's greatest issue. Make sure you also check out other banned commercials: Skittles Sex Commercial & Australian condom commercial

Colorado Airs First Pot DUI Commercials

The Colorado Department of Transportation has launched a series of three PSAs to educate the public on marijuana-impaired driving.

Moose Attacks Maine Snowmobile Group

A snowmobiling trip escalated quickly after a moose charged a small group of snowmobilers in Jackman, Maine. Fortunately for the snowmobile riders, a member of the group had a pistol. What happens next will make y...

Airplane Misses Tandem Skydivers By a Few Feet in Thailand

A recent trip to Thailand almost ended tragedy for a pair of skydivers. Forest Pullman and his student were free falling when the jump plane made a 180 degree turn narrowly missing the pair. According to Forest ...