Enjoy Your Life – 275,000 Domino Fall

Motto: 'Enjoy Your Life - The Domino Record 2013' 277,275 Dominoes / 272,297 Dominoes toppled Friday, 12th July 2013 Wilhelm-Lückert-Gym Büdingen (Germany) Official Sinners Domino Entertainment (SDE) Event 2013 ...

Underwater Base Jumping

You've seen adrenaline junkies base jumping from tall building, bridges and even inside a church, but I doubt you've seen it done underwater. Dean's Blue Hole is the world's deepest known blue hole with seawater. It p...

Unaired Original “Big Bang Theory” Pilot!

CBS passed on this version, but gave show runner Chuck Lorre a chance to come up with something else. In this unaired pilot from 2006 we see Leonard and Sheldon making a donation at a sperm bank.

The worst beat in poker. Odds, 1 in 2.7 billion

In the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event ($10,000 buy-in) hobby player Mabuchi flops trips aces against pro player Justin Phillips. On the turn Mabuchi hits the final ace in the deck and gets aces 4 of a kind. How...

Dumpster diving for marijuana

Did you know that you could make $2,500 a month diving in a dumpster for marijuana clippings? Vocativ takes us inside the lives of a few Colorado men that earn a living from dumpster diving for marijuana.

Terry Tate – Office Linebacker

The Terry Tate Office linebacker surrounds the premise of a linebacker enforcing company rules.  It was created in 2000, but made it's appearance in the XXXVII Superbowl commercials by Reebok.  Since then, they made t...

Hit and Run during ZombieWalk at Comic Con

A deaf driver is responsible for injuring several people and hospitalizing one with serious but non-life-threatening injuries at the ZombieWalk in San Diego, CA during the annual Comic Con event. According to police t...

Kate Upton Does Zero Gs in Tiny Bikini

Swimsuit model Kate Upton does a photoshoot for Sports Illustrated's 50th edition clad in a tiny gold bikini in a Zero Gravity Plane at the Space Coast Regional Airport at Cape Canaveral in  Florida.  

Skittles Sex Commercial

Earlier in the week I posted the Banned Australian condom commercial, but when I saw this video from Skittles I almost lost my lunch laughing so hard. No pun intended.

Anti-Gun Demonstration Fail

Anti-gun State Senator (D-Los Angeles, CA) Kevin de Leon failed to demonstrate his new gun control bill named SB808 which would require anyone who assembles a homemade firearm to undergo a background check and registe...