Unaired Original “Big Bang Theory” Pilot!

CBS passed on this version, but gave show runner Chuck Lorre a chance to come up with something else. In this unaired pilot from 2006 we see Leonard and Sheldon making a donation at a sperm bank.

Don’t spit on the bus driver

Bus drivers don't have it easy, dealing with the public every day can be frustrating. As you see this bus driver was having  a bad day and he took it out on a passenger.

Hit and Run during ZombieWalk at Comic Con

A deaf driver is responsible for injuring several people and hospitalizing one with serious but non-life-threatening injuries at the ZombieWalk in San Diego, CA during the annual Comic Con event. According to police t...

Ice Bucket Challenge Fail

With the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge taking the internet by storm, it's only a matter of time before you see a failed challenge. The Riley brothers show you exactly how it's done! Maybe next time you should dad to do you...