Unaired Original “Big Bang Theory” Pilot!

CBS passed on this version, but gave show runner Chuck Lorre a chance to come up with something else. In this unaired pilot from 2006 we see Leonard and Sheldon making a donation at a sperm bank.

Dumpster diving for marijuana

Did you know that you could make $2,500 a month diving in a dumpster for marijuana clippings? Vocativ takes us inside the lives of a few Colorado men that earn a living from dumpster diving for marijuana.

The American Jihadist: Eric Harroun In His Own Words

Former US Army Ranger who fought in Syria for 5 months with the Free Syrian Army before being arrested and charged with terrorism by the FBI has died in his father's house in Arizona of an apparent overdose.

Drone Aircraft Confuses Moose

A couple of people decided to take a drone aircraft out for a spin.  The drone encounters a moose in the nearby forest.  Let's just say the moose was positively confused at the sight.

Icis: Better Version of Google Glass?

Icis by LAFORGE is a fashion friendly display and camera that is embedded in a pair of eyewear. Syncs to your mobile device over Bluetooth and lets you know who's calling, who just tweeted, and turn by turn directions.